Diagnosis and Fault Finding

Why Use a Specialist?

Specialising in one brand, means we specialise our equipment including Diagnostic technology and often highly specific engineered hand tools. This combination of latest technology combined with highly skilled, trained technicians and many years’ experience has earned us the reputation of the go to place for those tough problems. We take great pride in our diagnostic ability.

What Does Diagnosis Mean?

Diagnosis is a term commonly used in the motor trade and often incorrectly used to refer to the ‘plugging in’ of a vehicle scanner or fault code reader. This vehicle scan may supply the technician with a fault code relevant to the area of the problem and the garage replace the part mentioned in the description. The problem with this, is that often, the sensor or component mentioned in the fault code is incorrectly assumed to be the cause of the fault code. A true ‘diagnosis’ has not actually been carried out. All that has occurred is a fault code read and a part replaced unnecessarily.

Not Just a Fault Code Read.....

The fault code ‘read out’ is the first stage of the fault-finding process when your car has a problem. It points the technician to an area of the car to begin testing and inspecting. A good example of this would be a misfire fault code. The fault code can tell you that the car misfired and on which cylinder, but is not explicit in terms of what caused the misfire. There are many components that could cause this problem and this is where real testing needs to be carried out to ascertain the cause of the fault.

We're Keeping up with Technology...

bmw programming

Modern cars are becoming increasingly complex, to improve performance, driveability, comfort, and reliability whilst also trying to reduce fuel consumption, be environmentally sensitive and keep costs down. BMW have always been at the forefront of this technology drive, often pioneering new technology. This progresses at a phenomenal rate nowadays and often raises the cost of repair work. It is therefore more important than ever that faults are diagnosed methodically and correctly. Therefore, we invest in the latest, up to date market leading diagnostic and testing equipment. It allows us to keep up to date with the latest developments so we can deal with any potential problems your BMW or MINI may encounter.

How it works.....

Our diagnosis process begins with a flat rate charge which includes computerised diagnostics and testing as necessary up to an hour. At this point we will contact you with an update of what the car requires to rectify the fault or what additional testing or stripping down and investigation is needed. Once you are happy with the diagnosis or progress made we will progress further.


Autologic’s systems provide dealer level diagnostics to the independent aftermarket. They offer all the same functions as the dealer tools and some functions that they don’t, which have been engineered specifically to meet the demands of the aftermarket. Providing the public with a quality, professional affordable alternative to BMW franchised dealers.