Programming and Coding

Computers on Wheels.....

On today’s modern cars, pretty much every function, component or process is controlled by a computer, normally referred to as an ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

It all started with the employment of an engine ECU to govern and control the engines operation to make it more efficient, powerful and reliable. This also bought with it the ability to monitor and diagnose problems with the engine and therefore make the driver aware of any faults that perhaps were not obvious, hence warning lights and error messages.

As technology progressed, ECU’s started being used to control all sorts of systems like automatic gearboxes, ABS and traction control, Airbags and body electronics. Nowadays, state of the art cars like BMW’s and MINI’s use ECU’s to control all sorts of features, ranging from everyday things like, climate control and vehicle lighting to more exotic things like radar guided cruise control and head up displays and night vision.

It is not unusual nowadays for a car to contain over 50 different individual control units. These units are interconnected throughout the car’s network systems. The units all have their own operating software and communicate with each other seamlessly sharing information to make all the cars systems work together harmoniously.

Why do I Need Programming?

If an ECU needs replacing, the new unit will need its software programmed and be coded to the car to allow for the huge variation in car specifications. Often, the rest of the ECU’s on the car will also require updating to the latest software to ensure that all the ECU’s remain compatible with each other.

Many vehicle faults can even be fixed through software updates due to bugs in the software, therefore sometimes programming is necessary even when ECU’s have not been replaced. New features or refinements may also be added with the new software versions much like updates to your computer programs or smart phones.

Its all done here, by us.....

This task is often outsourced by many independent garages to main dealers at great expense and inconvenience, who then pass the cost onto the customer.

Here at Crago’s we possess the knowledge and equipment necessary to carry out these tasks correctly and accurately with the latest genuine BMW software in house. This means no booking in at a main dealer and no extra main dealer charges on the bill, not to mention the additional time this would involve.
We consider this kind of capability a necessity to provide a complete one stop service and get your car back on the road as quickly as possible without unnecessary expense.

What Else Can Programming Do?

ECU coding can also be used to retrofit new features or optional extras to your car or customise some of its existing features to your own personal preference. Feel free to contact us about any programming or coding requirements you may have and we’ll be happy to answer any queries.